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Sometimes, getting started matters more than getting it right...

Over the past few months, I've been working on a side-project. In hindsight I now look back at the many mistakes I've done - one of which was that I fell into the classical trap of overthinking the MVP. Such a cliche right?

A trap that I read so much about, that I believed in and even advocated for, with colleagues. Yet when it mattered most, I went in a completely opposite direction.

But I've now learnt to not be too hard on myself. Here are a few learnings that came out of this "mistake":

1. I'm using something I've built myself! 🤯 - It may sound silly, but I've always felt this barrier was one that I'd likely never overcome. I now know that's possible!

2. I can now talk about some fundamental differences between B2C and B2B 🧐 - Still not past the "Conscious Incompetence" phase of course, but it's still better than blissful ignorance!

3. Now I understand why "Marketplaces are hard" 🙈 - Still on a quest to crack the biggest challenge of marketplaces, but boy oh boy, all I think about now is balancing supply and demand.

4. I thought I knew what "perseverance" meant 😰 - It feels like walls constantly slap you in the face, just for the fun of it. New found respect for all founders!

5. The big plus side of no-code 🚀, and the big traps of no-code 🪤

And so many more...

And this does not apply solely when building a product. Are you overthinking that product design? Ship it and learn! 🚢 Are you not entirely sure about that new process? Launch and iterate! 🔄

Great is the enemy of good, and few people realise the benefits they get out of just getting started and not overthinking. Even if that first step is not necessarily the right one to take.

First-hand learnings are priceless. Go for it! 💪


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